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At Acme NLS, LLC, we provide a variety of services. While always providing you the customer with the best quality at the highest standards.

We offer a variety of services from landscaping, mulching , fertilization, sprinkler system maintenance, bed maintenance, aeration, prunings or trimming, landscape lighting, snow removal and more. 


Are you looking to bring new life to your old landscaping or maybe even add a completely new landscaping. If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. We install only the best quality plants, bricks walls, timber walls, sod or seed to your landscape project. We can even add that lighting, drainage, sprinklers or even stone to your beds. We want to make your landscape that eye catching landscape in the neighborhood. So contact us today to get a amazing  landscape design started.


Are you looking to freshen those beds, We provide the bed quality mulch in northwest ohio. We have a variety of colors like, Dark brown, Brown, Cypress, bright Red, stunning Black and our newest color Chocolate it kinda looks purple or burgundy. With every mulch job we go through the beds and pull weeds and  put a nice professional edge on your beds. Then we apply the mulch at the right depth in the beds and around plants. to make those landscape beds stand out.


If you are looking for that beautiful stunning lawn. We at Acme NLS, LLC provide a 5 step fertilization program and grub control for your lawn.  We use only the best products to provide a green lawn while controlling the weeds. We also offer a organic lawn program so ask us about it if you are interested. We even can fertilize those plants and tree them for insects that can kill landscape plants. We are licensed by the state to apply all pesticides, Since 1999. So if you want a greener looking lawn, contact us today.

Sprinkler System   Maintenance

If you are looking for someone to maintain your sprinkle system. By starting up the system in the spring and checking heads and adjusting them. Then you have found the right company. We can even replace valves, control boxes with the newest WiFi able controls. We only the latest products out on the market from Rainbird, Hunter and Toro. We are certified by these companies since 2010. We even shutdown systems in the fall to prevent any freeze up of your sprinkler systems. So don't hesitate to contact us today and get on the schedule.

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